Our Mission

"A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away”.

- Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Satellite Squared's mission is to build towards an economically sustainable, in-space infrastructure, through the conception and operation of innovative systems for the purposes of space exploration, logistics, and commerce. We are developing the technology to improve solar panel performace in orbit, with both short and mid-term applications on the way.

Solar Bloom

Power Boosting

Our short term application, Solar Bloom, is a low mass, low volume deployable solar concentrator which will increase the power available to a satellite by up to 50%. It is installed onto the outside of a satellite as a subsystem, and deployed once released from its launch vehicle.

The innovation of this new technology is to increase the energy produced by a solar panel for less mass, area and cost than by the addition of another solar panel.

This hardware will be compatible with new satellites, probes, and space stations of all nationalities, sizes and orbits that rely on solar power.

Current Use Cases

The principal beneficiaries of this technology are expected to be cubesats, Earth observation and GEO telecom satellites.

GEO satellites will benefit from added power by carrying more transponders, having higher throughput, and more powerful electric engines.

Earth observation satellites will benefit from having better quality optics and higher data throughput rates.

Cubesats are currently a very high growth area and will benefit from all of the above.

Design and Operational Philosophy

The Solar Bloom is a low cost concept with a mass advantage over rigid solar panels, while creating additional useful surface area. As such, it is significantly cheaper than a rigid solar panel.

The Solar Bloom shares conceptual similarities with the previous generation of concentrator initiatives, while avoiding the same pitfalls. Lessons learned, more advanced deployment technologies, 3D printing and cubesats permit us to mitigate the risks of power concentration while focusing on the benefits.


Contactless Servicing

Our mid-term application, 2Sat is a satellite concept that would provide a contactless power support service to boost the energy generated on a client satellite by 20%-30%.

The concept of the mission is to operate in the SSO and GEO orbital environments. The 2Sat will work with any satellite that uses solar panels regardless of age, make of mission.

Current Use Cases

Mitigating power losses due to hardware malfunctions.
Enabling higher data transfer rates.        
Optimising new satellite designs and augmenting revenue potential.
Satellite life extension.

Design and Operational Philosophy

While work on patenting various elements of our system is currently in progress, know that  our design philosophy is to maximize the use of COTS hardware. Beyond reducing lead time and development costs, this lets us create an accessible and affordable system that closes everyone’s business case, not just our own.

The 2Sat is conceived to be able to transit safely between multiple client satellites, and to operate for long periods of time in proximity to them. This active servicing phase is known as the Squaring Phase.

Once a mission is completed, the 2Sat disengages from the client satellite and either returns to its parking orbit, or else moves on to another client satellite by way of a safe passing orbit.

At the end of its operational life, preference will be given to ensure the recycling / reuse of the 2Sat for other purposes. If such options are not yet available, the 2Sat will be disposed of according to international regulations..

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