Our Vision

"We must also continue to go into space for the future of humanity….I don’t think we will survive another 1,000 years without escaping beyond our fragile planet".

- Professor Stephen Hawking

Satellite²’s vision is to work towards a long term and sustainable human presence in space – it is the best and only way to ensure the survival of not only the Human race, but also that of our crown jewel: the Earth.

The promise of space exploration has been to explore our universe, to improve life on Earth and to encourage us to dream of a future of hope and opportunity beyond Earth. We at Satellite² absolutely believe in a future where people and industries live and thrive in space, but we also recognize that for this to happen, certain services and institutions must be put into place to allow them to do so. World governments can play a role by supporting technology development and acting as commercial anchors for fledgling off world industries and communities – but the real challenge will be to create economically sustainable activities off Earth. Doing so creates opportunity, to which people naturally flow. The exploration, exploitation and eventual colonization of space will therefore be done broadly and organically.

Satellite² wants to be a part of this future, and wants to help create the opportunities needed to get us there. No civilization gets anywhere without a solid infrastructural base, which is why our long term vision is to provide supporting in-space facilities and systems which help to sustain and magnify the efforts of other organizations operating in space.

By leveraging the technology developed for the 2Sat satellite, we will be able to spinoff several different infrastructure services:

On Orbit Servicing in SSO & GEO

LEO De-Orbiting

Asteroid Control & Deflection

Improved Asteroid Detection Systems

Low Energy Space Logistics

Low Cost Space Telescopes

Δv Boosting

With the exception of asteroid detection and deflection which is obviously of use in planetary defence, the direct beneficiaries of each of the above services are space based activities.

Our services make it easier to maintain assets in orbit, to identify resources that are of interest, to make the space environment safer, and to facilitate getting from place to place. All of this, and from the same baseline technology – the 2Sat.

Economically sustainable in the long term, the 2Sat, exploit and colonize beyond Earth. Doing so will expand humanity’s perception, protect and improve life on Earth, and ensure our existence far into the distant future.

Ad Astra Per Scientia Et Labore

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